Music for the Moments: Trey Carlyle

Today we get to talk to you about Trey Carlyle, a DJ straight out of Indianapolis, ID. Before we get into it, Trey Carlyle tied us into a petition going on in his community for arts Create Art Driven Club for Hamilton County Youth. If you support the youth’s creativeness, GO SIGN! With that being said, Trey’s journey of creating this art began back in 2014 when he found his love for music and the industry as a whole. He was going through some things in life that could bring anyone down, but with the mind of a creator he decided he wasn’t going to allow these things to take away from himself. He decided to grow!

“I was going through a really tough time with a lot of family and friends dying and I noticed music was a big outlet for me and my moods could easily be affected by the music I listened to that day, I then set out to make music and help others bring out their music to help others relate during hard times in their lives.” Trey Carlyle 

As an artist there’s a few a people who have left a mark on his craft such as King Kap and Ric Vasi, who he refers to as family that has motivated him to become better every day! Now that’s powerful! These guys are going to do something huge with Fly America! Other artists has influenced not only his music but business mentality like Sean “Diddy” Combs, Nick Cannon, 50 Cent, Flume, The Chainsmokers, Kygo, and Marshmello.

“Realistically the only influence I aim to have is that I want to show people no matter where you are from, you can be successful in any field if you put your heart into it, I also want to influence my kids one day to aspire to be more than the average person, i want to change the world with my business and sound and I want my kids and anyone else out there to know that change starts with just one voice, we can all make a positive difference.”– Trey Carlyle

I always feel like it’s best to always let people explain in their own words what their goal is with their influence and how they plan to reach others with what they do! I love supporting and growing with other people and artist who really want to help mold more DREAM CHASERS!

Trey would tell you he hasn’t had a big moment yet but that’s a testament to his humble yet hungry approach! Working with King Kap since he was in high school has really been probably the biggest moment in his eyes and I mean c’mon, it’s Fly America! Right now he is in the works for his first EDM project entitled This is the Title. He has released two singles thus far and he wants the listener to be able to dive into his progression in life and music. With the more progression you see, the end product goal is just being successful.

“SUCCESS IS REALLY A MINDSET, but at the end of the day I want to do my passion and be able to provide for my family financially, I want to be set, get my parents a house and pass on a legacy to my children, I want to actually live my life.” -Trey Carlyle

Look in order to be different, you need to do different things. Work harder than anyone else, be willing to learn and progress at an explosive rate but also having the mind that everything happens in due time. What sets Trey Carlyle apart, is his will to PROGRESS and LEARN.

Twitter: @treycarlyle

IG: @treyoneseven