Message Through a Melody: Tray Charles

Tafoya Brand is proud to hand the mic over to Tray Charles (IG:@traycharles702) for this one today! This guy just has a different sound that sounds so smooth and upbeat at the same time! He has been dishing a different sound in the Vegas streets for a minute and has had the opportunity to expand a few times for some big moves such as Mission Underground 2016 and reaching Maxwell Fresh and Ronnie Fosters wide audience! The journey for him dates back to around June 2008 when he met his pops, and in his own words, he said,

“when I first met my pops. We shared a common interest in music, so being around him and learning who his influences were helped me tap into different genres of music I normally wouldn’t listen to.”

He seems to incorporate certain genres in ways most people couldn’t make sound so right! One of the reasons he believes his craft is unique is due to the fact that he is willing to expand and explore new sounds within music!

As far as production goes it varies from Teddy Riley to Pharrell Williams! The lyrical content and flows are the aftermath of ,Kanye West, Daft Punk, Zapp & Roger, etc. He said when Through the Wire by Kanye dropped, it triggered a more serious approach to rap for him. I can feel that because that track was wild with Kanye coming back from the crazy car accident and literally rapping with a wired shut mouth! Truly an inspiration to any lyricist.

One of his first projects was with a group named RadioactiveBoombox between 2009 and 2010 but his true first solo project was Version 10 which dropped Jan. 2nd, 2014.

“In the near future people can expect better quality, and more experimental music. I’m gonna be touching on more topics that I talk and rant about behind closed doors. People can truly expect for me to use my voice as a voice.”

I think any true successor will always be hungry for more, so Tray Charles feels he hasn’t gotten the that big spotlight yet. He had worked behind the scenes for a few big names on the production end of things but improvement is on Tray’s mind at the end of the day!

What’s truly a personal inspiration of mine that Tray has given me, is the reason he does what he does. Just an overall good dude with good intentions to help inspire others.I asked Tray Charles where he would see himself when it’s all said and done and his response was remarkable,

“I see myself being the best me I can be. I don’t really see myself in competition with anyone. My vision mainly is to inspire others, it isn’t about being this big  rich man driving million dollar cars. Do I have desires to own nice things? Yes. The main thing is me beign able to create and if I’m able to become succesful and stupid rich off that then so be it.  This is therapy for me. To touch on topics that a lot of people are afraid to speak on is what I was put on this earth for. Regardless if I’m making money or not, I have loyal people that depend on my music to get them through dark times. Overall I just see myself making music and travelling the world.”