Create Art Driven Club for Hamilton County Youth



We have to make this a very urgent message because our youth is being targeted with cutting after school programs and now communities are losing ways to give the children ways to spend their days in a drug free, and positive environment. Give it a look and sign it for OUR FUTURE! We mentioned in a prior post with Trey Carlyle that we supported a petition for creative arts for the youth in Indiana. Today we want to just give another avenue for people to access this petition! The goal is almost reached but lets exceed the limits!

Music for the Moments: Trey Carlyle

Today we get to talk to you about Trey Carlyle, a DJ straight out of Indianapolis, ID. Before we get into it, Trey Carlyle tied us into a petition going on in his community for arts Create Art Driven Club for Hamilton County Youth. If you support the youth’s creativeness, GO SIGN! With that being said, Trey’s journey of creating this art began back in 2014 when he found his love for music and the industry as a whole. He was going through some things in life that could bring anyone down, but with the mind of a creator he decided he wasn’t going to allow these things to take away from himself. He decided to grow!

“I was going through a really tough time with a lot of family and friends dying and I noticed music was a big outlet for me and my moods could easily be affected by the music I listened to that day, I then set out to make music and help others bring out their music to help others relate during hard times in their lives.” Trey Carlyle 

As an artist there’s a few a people who have left a mark on his craft such as King Kap and Ric Vasi, who he refers to as family that has motivated him to become better every day! Now that’s powerful! These guys are going to do something huge with Fly America! Other artists has influenced not only his music but business mentality like Sean “Diddy” Combs, Nick Cannon, 50 Cent, Flume, The Chainsmokers, Kygo, and Marshmello.

“Realistically the only influence I aim to have is that I want to show people no matter where you are from, you can be successful in any field if you put your heart into it, I also want to influence my kids one day to aspire to be more than the average person, i want to change the world with my business and sound and I want my kids and anyone else out there to know that change starts with just one voice, we can all make a positive difference.”– Trey Carlyle

I always feel like it’s best to always let people explain in their own words what their goal is with their influence and how they plan to reach others with what they do! I love supporting and growing with other people and artist who really want to help mold more DREAM CHASERS!

Trey would tell you he hasn’t had a big moment yet but that’s a testament to his humble yet hungry approach! Working with King Kap since he was in high school has really been probably the biggest moment in his eyes and I mean c’mon, it’s Fly America! Right now he is in the works for his first EDM project entitled This is the Title. He has released two singles thus far and he wants the listener to be able to dive into his progression in life and music. With the more progression you see, the end product goal is just being successful.

“SUCCESS IS REALLY A MINDSET, but at the end of the day I want to do my passion and be able to provide for my family financially, I want to be set, get my parents a house and pass on a legacy to my children, I want to actually live my life.” -Trey Carlyle

Look in order to be different, you need to do different things. Work harder than anyone else, be willing to learn and progress at an explosive rate but also having the mind that everything happens in due time. What sets Trey Carlyle apart, is his will to PROGRESS and LEARN.

Twitter: @treycarlyle

IG: @treyoneseven





Lupe Fiasco x Avery Harden

Tafoya Brand is stoked for this upcoming popup shop! This time around we will be featured in the Lupe Fiasco show in Los Angeles, CA on Wed. 4/12/17 @ The Novo, by Microsoft, where Avery Harden (IG:@averyhardhiphop) will be ripping the same stage as one of his inspiration’s will be in the same night! 

“Kanye Wests Touch the sky is when I first heard your crazy lyricism in ’06. fast forward a few months after that you became my favorite artist with Food and Liquor. Fast forward to 2015 I had the honor of meeting and discussing hip hop with you. You were humbled enough to take my sharpie written cd with 5 tracks on it lol 2 years later I’ll be opening for you. Tell me dreams don’t come true so I can laugh in your face ! Thank you @lupefiasco 🙏 get your tickets now April 12th” Avery Harden on Lupe Fiasco

As you can see, this will be a reality check type show for this guy Avery Harden. This is no longer a dream for you Avery, this is your reality! Continue to manifest your blessings and working hard towards your dream!

From Tafoya Brand, see you there peeps!



Message Through a Melody: Tray Charles

Tafoya Brand is proud to hand the mic over to Tray Charles (IG:@traycharles702) for this one today! This guy just has a different sound that sounds so smooth and upbeat at the same time! He has been dishing a different sound in the Vegas streets for a minute and has had the opportunity to expand a few times for some big moves such as Mission Underground 2016 and reaching Maxwell Fresh and Ronnie Fosters wide audience! The journey for him dates back to around June 2008 when he met his pops, and in his own words, he said,

“when I first met my pops. We shared a common interest in music, so being around him and learning who his influences were helped me tap into different genres of music I normally wouldn’t listen to.”

He seems to incorporate certain genres in ways most people couldn’t make sound so right! One of the reasons he believes his craft is unique is due to the fact that he is willing to expand and explore new sounds within music!

As far as production goes it varies from Teddy Riley to Pharrell Williams! The lyrical content and flows are the aftermath of ,Kanye West, Daft Punk, Zapp & Roger, etc. He said when Through the Wire by Kanye dropped, it triggered a more serious approach to rap for him. I can feel that because that track was wild with Kanye coming back from the crazy car accident and literally rapping with a wired shut mouth! Truly an inspiration to any lyricist.

One of his first projects was with a group named RadioactiveBoombox between 2009 and 2010 but his true first solo project was Version 10 which dropped Jan. 2nd, 2014.

“In the near future people can expect better quality, and more experimental music. I’m gonna be touching on more topics that I talk and rant about behind closed doors. People can truly expect for me to use my voice as a voice.”

I think any true successor will always be hungry for more, so Tray Charles feels he hasn’t gotten the that big spotlight yet. He had worked behind the scenes for a few big names on the production end of things but improvement is on Tray’s mind at the end of the day!

What’s truly a personal inspiration of mine that Tray has given me, is the reason he does what he does. Just an overall good dude with good intentions to help inspire others.I asked Tray Charles where he would see himself when it’s all said and done and his response was remarkable,

“I see myself being the best me I can be. I don’t really see myself in competition with anyone. My vision mainly is to inspire others, it isn’t about being this big  rich man driving million dollar cars. Do I have desires to own nice things? Yes. The main thing is me beign able to create and if I’m able to become succesful and stupid rich off that then so be it.  This is therapy for me. To touch on topics that a lot of people are afraid to speak on is what I was put on this earth for. Regardless if I’m making money or not, I have loyal people that depend on my music to get them through dark times. Overall I just see myself making music and travelling the world.”





Message Through a Melody: Bcray & Ace

Bcray & Ace make music that is uplifting and all about growth. They first began their journey into music as young children at about 11 years old. As they got older into their late teens they started to take music serious, and in their eyes, their biggest influence has got to be their mother. Seeing her struggle really drove them to do something out of the ordinary. To say the least, Bcray & Ace have a plan to leave a unique stamp on music by creating their own sounds and bringing real hip hop back with the bars!

For this power couple of siblings, their first glimpse at the spotlight was an open performance at The Observatory for Chief Keef. Now Bcray & Ace have put out a lot of material with mixtapes like The Price to be Free, which happens to be their first project, and others such as the Good Vybes EP and The Blue Tape, you can find all of these on their soundcloud @bcrayace14. They want it to be known that you can expect more work in the future with even more bars and a wiser look into their growth of hip hop! In Ace’s own words he said,

“Within my vision I see us taking this thing to the top. We want to go on tour and show the world what we have to offer. In rap a lot of people talk about the same things and don’t keep it real. Our music is made to touch people and make them have a better outlook on life.”

You can tell that these two are on a mission to achieve in what they believe in!




Welcome to the Team: Avery Harden

Tafoya Brand is proud to announce the newest team member in Avery Harden! We have supported Avery for quite awhile now and he has worked extremely hard with so much dedication to his craft. Opening for artists such as: Dizzy Wright, Hopsin, Kodak Black, and Metro Boomin.

Coming on March 15th, 2017, Avery will be opening for Young Thug in Santa Ana, CA. He has been very supportive of the brand and it is only right we come together in preparations to continue off the good energy we have built and to continue to go on a tear taking over the masses with POSITIVITY and LOVE through our clothing and his music! You want to find his music? Listen to his latest single Rolla on his soundcloud NOW!

Welcome to the team Avery, we are super stoked to have you on the squad!


twitter: @averyhardhiphop





Message Through a Melody: King Kap

Fresco Vasi, of the Vasi and Fly America family, also known as King Kap, is working towards something different for the rap game, but most importantly, for the life of the game itself. He had always hit freestyles over beats his brother would play as a child. Usually to artists like Tupac and Bone Thugs n Harmony. Although he always had a passion for music, he didn’t officially begin his journey until around the young age of 19. King Kap is a man of influence, so it’s only right we see who really influenced him to start this journey. The list of artists vary from Cam’ron, Hova, Beanie Sigel, and Kanye. To artists like 50 cent and the Unit, Three 6 Mafia, Jadakiss, Kid Cudi, and who hasn’t been inspired by Lil Wayne. For some people, their first big moment is a particular show or event, but Fresco Vasi hit it off BIG with a 2 month tour to hit 37 cities with Mark battles in 2013, which he says ended up being around 3 months! Let us just let him put in his own words,

“At that moment I knew what I was capable of, and I was headed in the right direction for greatness. I only performed three times prior to the tour, and I had stand out performances 87 percent of the time. I did have like two or three off nights dead ass!”

Here is one of his most recent singles released with another Fly America artist in Mark Battles called Patience

As you can see, this man is about hard work, dedication, and persistence! Although he hasn’t released his first project yet, his hometown (Indianapolis) got the honor of hearing his early mixtapes and early music videos, which now are non downloadable, so the hype is real! To see just why Fresco is so successful with such little content really being heard to the outside world, you would have to understand his mind state. He isn’t just a musical artist, but an entrepreneur, someone who holds himself at a high standard to be apart of a highly respected group of names: Jay, Sean John, Fif, Ice Cube, Ice T, Luda, and Donald Glover. These names are very special humans and King Kap knows he is capable of the same success! So many factors will come into play when he succeeds his goals and his uniqueness is what will get him there. He stands for sparking a creative revolution, a new way to learn, a new way to provide the youth with the tools to survive and to also flourish the youths dreams and making them a reality. In his own words he says,

” Like I said prior I kind of treat music as a platform to properly spark my endeavors as a entrepreneur and become one the greatest creatives of the 21st century.”

Don’t take our word for it, take his. He is on his way to achieving everything he sought out to do. From Tafoya Brand and many others who support you, we wish you the best King Kap! Keep the hard work up and we can’t wait to see where it takes you. Much love!

Give him a follow on twitter and instagram @KingKap_




Tafoya Christmas for the Unfortunate


Tafoya Brand and the crew had an amazing time rounding up, packaging, and giving out all the donations we received from all the locals of Las Vegas and even some donations from out of state down in Southern California! We couldn’t have made this happen without any of the support of everyone so we really appreciate the love! Even for those who couldn’t donate, all the encouraging words you gave us fueled us even more to do this for the community! It was a huge step forward from last year and we hope every year that follows can, in turn, give us the same results, GROWTH!!


Much love to you all and Happy New Year. Fill it with goals and achievements tafoyians!

VIDEO CREDIT: Bernard Van Weydeveldt

IG: @bernard_vanweydeveldt



Great Grubbing for the Great Change


I’m not sure if you have heard, but the trend of eating healthy and organic has been taking over and we couldn’t be any happier! There is a few local joints you can hit up for the good eats, but none quite like Great Grubbing located in Henderson, NV at 2530 St Rose Pkwy #130.

This unique shop is owned by Kenny (viewed in the image above) with a crazy story to go along with it! He originally came to Las Vegas in August of 2013 to consult for another restaurant and their food. He came from California where he did major acting and filming for a few gigs including Sons of Anarchy. He suggested they create everything from scratch and was basically challenged to do just that!

He made a protein cheesecake from scratch and it soon lifted off to gluten free muffins, cookies, etc.. October came around and he had a food tasting test event which led to him selling foods at the local women’s gym and to local families around town. The demand began to become such a big one that he decided to open up the first Great Grubbing in August of 2014. Great Grubbing is based on 100% gluten free menus and nearly all foods are made from scratch. From the regular sandwich bread to the sub type buns, all organic foods and vegan products are used. Some of the sauces like teriyaki and sonzu are made in the shop on the daily-o! Kenny is the man with the plan! He has a 7 year plan for the restaurant biz, but as a customer I sure hope someone can take over the spot and keep it going for many years to come! The food is great, the hospitality and services match the food!

Tafoya Brand wishes Kenny and the crew the best of luck and hopeful to see the demand for healthy eating and good living to continue!