Message Through a Melody: Bcray & Ace

Bcray & Ace make music that is uplifting and all about growth. They first began their journey into music as young children at about 11 years old. As they got older into their late teens they started to take music serious, and in their eyes, their biggest influence has got to be their mother. Seeing her struggle really drove them to do something out of the ordinary. To say the least, Bcray & Ace have a plan to leave a unique stamp on music by creating their own sounds and bringing real hip hop back with the bars!

For this power couple of siblings, their first glimpse at the spotlight was an open performance at The Observatory for Chief Keef. Now Bcray & Ace have put out a lot of material with mixtapes like The Price to be Free, which happens to be their first project, and others such as the Good Vybes EP and The Blue Tape, you can find all of these on their soundcloud @bcrayace14. They want it to be known that you can expect more work in the future with even more bars and a wiser look into their growth of hip hop! In Ace’s own words he said,

“Within my vision I see us taking this thing to the top. We want to go on tour and show the world what we have to offer. In rap a lot of people talk about the same things and don’t keep it real. Our music is made to touch people and make them have a better outlook on life.”

You can tell that these two are on a mission to achieve in what they believe in!