Lupe Fiasco x Avery Harden

Tafoya Brand is stoked for this upcoming popup shop! This time around we will be featured in the Lupe Fiasco show in Los Angeles, CA on Wed. 4/12/17 @ The Novo, by Microsoft, where Avery Harden (IG:@averyhardhiphop) will be ripping the same stage as one of his inspiration’s will be in the same night! 

“Kanye Wests Touch the sky is when I first heard your crazy lyricism in ’06. fast forward a few months after that you became my favorite artist with Food and Liquor. Fast forward to 2015 I had the honor of meeting and discussing hip hop with you. You were humbled enough to take my sharpie written cd with 5 tracks on it lol 2 years later I’ll be opening for you. Tell me dreams don’t come true so I can laugh in your face ! Thank you @lupefiasco 🙏 get your tickets now April 12th” Avery Harden on Lupe Fiasco

As you can see, this will be a reality check type show for this guy Avery Harden. This is no longer a dream for you Avery, this is your reality! Continue to manifest your blessings and working hard towards your dream!

From Tafoya Brand, see you there peeps!